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Dedicated To The Memory Of "The Shedden Eight".....

Dedicated To The Memory Of "The Shedden Eight".....
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Local members of the Vigilantes join Loners outlaw motorcycle gang

Local members of the Vigilantes join Loners outlaw motorcycle gang.... October 26, 2012 ..... Members of the Vigilantes have merged with the Loners motorcycle club, bolstering the numbers of the local Loners branch to as many as 30 members. The Examiner has learned that the Loners absorbed their new members about a month ago, during an event referred to among bikers as “patching over,” where one club absorbs members from another club. The Vigilantes have been making occasional appearances in the city since November 2010, when the Outlaws motorcycle club first opened a clubhouse on Lansdowne St. W.
City police Insp. Ted Boynton said investigators have heard rumours about the merger, but weren’t sure if had taken place yet. Nothing changes the way police continue to operate, he said. Officers will continue to monitor the situation. Det. Sgt. Len Isnor, with the OPP’s biker enforcement unit, said the OPP haven’t seen Vigilantes in Loners colours. But he said he wouldn’t be surprised if the two clubs had merged. Isnor pointed out that one club operating in the city is better than two rival clubs fighting for the same territory. “When you have more than one, that’s where the problem starts,” he said. The city has seen its fair share of problems when it comes to rival biker gangs. The Outlaws, who arrived in the city in November 2010, were kicked out of their Park St. clubhouse, located north of the YMCA, a year later by members of the Loners motorcycle club. The club made the news again in June when member Bob Pammett parted ways with the Loners and set up his own clubhouse located at Park and Perry streets. The two clubhouses were mere blocks from one another, and their relationship quickly soured. In July the Loners clubhouse was targeted by men who smashed windows and sprayed a substance akin to bear spray inside the house. Hours later a member of the Loners was taken to the hospital with a serious injury to his arm after he was attacked near the rail tracks on Park St. Pammett was charged in August along with Pierre Aragon after a man told police his “support your local Loners” T-shirt was ripped off his body while he walking through the parking lot near Home Depot. Weeks later Pammett was allegedly the targeted by assailants who threw a Molotov cocktail near the George St. home he was staying at. The merger between the Vigilantes and the Loners marks an upturn in biker-related news, which has been relatively quiet since Pammett moved to Campbellford.


  1. I think its fucking sad what happen,l feel justice should be served they were fyiing there colours.What ever happen to. Being solid???? I k.ow l can go I.ti any jiont my name is good!!! That's over forty years,that fuck Wayne@others .eed to. Be recon with

    1. what does that comment even mean,and incase u missed the news flash those charges were dropped on both my father and husband because it was all made up by some crackhead loner supporter who had 20 odd fraud charges,so i guess its safe to say the guy knows how to lie,and who the hell cries to the cops anyway....booohooooo they stole my shirt! is that the justice u r trying to comment about and talking about being solid in the same sentance,bahahahahah!

    2. Fuck The Loners ....I agree wit Cherie


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